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The Benefits of Adding a Fountain or Aerator to a Pond

House hunters often search for homes which include ponds that can host fish and plant life. Ponds are also beautiful and can become serene spots that are ideal for relaxing and enjoying nature. However, the water does not move, so most homeowners add Pond Aerators and Fountains that keep it healthy. Buyers can choose systems that just improve water quality as well as products that create stunning displays as they work.

Pond Water Changes Over Time

Most ponds are created while homes are being built. They quickly fill with fresh, natural water that eventually teems with plant and animal life. However, muck begins to form in ponds as they age. It is caused by excess nutrients that fall to the bottom of the water. Muck can create an offensive odor and unpleasant feeling when swimmers come in contact with it. Excess nutrients may also float on water, giving it a murky look. Oxygen levels often start to decrease and cause large numbers of fish to die at the same time.

An Aerator Keeps Pond Water Healthy

Fortunately all it takes is an aerator to restore pond water’s quality and beauty. Property owners can buy them from suppliers offering a range of products that include electric, wind-driven and solar models. Regardless of their size or type, all products agitate the water, increasing oxygen levels. In that process the oxygen rich water falls to the bottom of the pond and encourages helpful bacteria to grow and break down muck.

Fountains Will Increase Pond Beauty

Homeowners can also install pond fountains which produce elegant columns as they aerate the water. Suppliers offer styles designed just for aeration as well as models that can be used to create beautiful effects. In fact, all fountains add oxygen as they churn water into the air, but decorative styles can be arranged so that their columns create patterns. Owners can even add lights which turn fountains into dazzling nighttime displays.

Residential ponds can be relaxing nature spots filled with plant and animal life. However, pond water can become unhealthy unless the water is circulated to increase oxygen levels. That is why many property owners install aerators which improve water quality or add fountains that aerate and create dazzling effects.

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